What is the QWLSI©?


The Quality of Working Life Systemic Inventory (QWLSI©) is a scientifically validated questionnaire to meet an increasing need for the prevention of psychosocial risks that can affect the psychological health of workers.

Its authors are Jean-Pierre Martel, Ph.D., researcher at LEPSYQ and teacher at Collège Gérald-Godin, and Gilles Dupuis, Ph.D., psychology professor at UQAM and Scientific Director at the Centre de liaison sur l’intervention et la prévention psychosociales (CLIPP).

Underlying principle of the assessment

In each area of working life, the goal of our actions is to be happy, as a consequence of which our behaviours attempt to reduce the gap between our actual experience at work and what we would like it to be. The narrower this gap, the better our quality of working life is. So, the (QWLSI©) measurement refers to the distance that separates us from realizing our objectives.

The (QWLSI©) assessment is based on each respondent’s own perceptions. So, answers to questions are completely subjective, which does not alter the usefulness of the instrument in any way. In fact, it does the opposite.