Questionnaire content

The Quality of Working Life Systemic Inventory consists of questions pertaining to 34 areas of working life, grouped into eight different spheres:

  1. Compensation
    • Income
    • Fringe benefits
    • Income security
  2. Career growth
    • Advancement possibilities
    • Possibility of transfer
    • Continuing education and training offered by the company
  3. Working hours
    • The effect of the number of working hours and work schedule on the employee’s health
    • Flexibility of the work schedule
    • Possibility of being absent from work for family responsibilities
  4. Relationship with colleagues
    • Sense of belonging to the company
    • Degree or level of competition felt at work
    • Relations with peers at work
    • Degree of conflict between the tasks of one employee with those of others.
  5. Relationship with superiors
    • Interactions with the superior
    • Interactions with the superior and his or her employees
    • Interactions with the employer or the management
    • Frequency and relevance of employee evaluation and comments related to the work done
    • Efficiency with which information (memos, instructions, action plan, etc.) is transmitted internally within the company.
  6. Physical environment
    • Work space (noise, lighting, cleanliness, etc.)
    • Equipment and tools available to carry out work
  7. Support offered to employee
    • Filling in for absences
    • Sharing of workload caused by the absence of one or more employees
    • Facilities: Daycare, access to restaurants, parking, etc.
    • Relationship with the union
    • Resources to help employees
  8. Factors that influence the appreciation of tasks
    • Efficiency at work
    • Time taken to accomplish tasks
    • Match between skills and the nature of tasks to be accomplished.
    • Independence of the employee in carrying out tasks.
    • Diversity of tasks
    • Emotional burden
    • Physical requirements
    • Influence that employee has on decisions concerning the tasks assigned.
    • Clarity of the role that the employee plays within the organization in relation to the tasks to be accomplished.