Advantages of the QWSLI©

The QWLSI© has a number of advantages over more conventional questionnaires:

  • Can be completed online at home or the workplace in about thirty minutes.
  • Has a simple and interesting format with all the necessary instructions on taking it grouped together.
  • Offers a scientifically validated French and English version.
  • Protects the confidentiality of respondents strictly.
  • Enables the creation of an overall profile of the company or organization, profiles by department or service, and individualized profiles for each respondent.
  • Enables the comparison of the results of thousands of workers who have completed the questionnaire.
  • Provides graphics of results, which facilitates their interpretation.
  • Can prevent an organizational crisis by identifying areas that are deteriorating.
  • Enables the development of an intervention strategy based on the priorities of employees and managers.
  • Helps identify the possibility of psychological distress in employees.
  • Helps assess, in the context of a follow-up, the effectiveness of interventions put in place.
  • Allows six questions developed for the specific needs of a group or company to be added.